Leslie is one of the founders and original teachers at Rexburg yoga. She has been teaching here in the area since 1999. Leslie is registered through the Yoga Alliance at the 300 hour level. This training was through Idaho Yoga Co op in connection with the Bihar School of Yoga.



Leslie has been endorsed by several Rexburg area medical professionals for teaching safely, moderately and in support of other medical therapies for the long term health and wellness of students.

Leslie is also certified in the Emotion code and has combined yoga and the Emotion Code protocols into something she calls ER yoga. ER means Emotional Recovery.

ER yoga is pain relief yoga. Physical pain is many times caused by stress – emotional stress.

An ER yoga session is a private individualized session. Through energy testing your body, Leslie will identify the negative emotions that are causing distortions in your energy body. These distortions cause a disruption in energy flow thus causing emotional and physical pain. Look HERE for more detail about how ER yoga works.

Call or email Leslie to set up your private or group session.
leslie @ rexburgyoga.com

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