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Chanting Practice

For those gathering for chanting practice, here’s the “homework” to prepare for the first few meetings. First is an essay I prepared recently: Share this:ShareFacebookPrintEmail

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Moon Salutation

Early this morning we were able to view the full moon and a total lunar eclipse. Its the perfect opportunity to celebrate in our morning yoga class with the moon salutation. Share this:ShareFacebookPrintEmail

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Anjali Mudra

We will explore and play with several hand mudras in our class this week. It’s a lovely way to bring meaning and intention into your practice. There can be many layers of meaning with each mudra and knowing them can … Continue reading

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The breath as a teacher of aparigraha

The fifth yama or restraint is non-hoarding, non-greed or non-attachment. There is a balance that must be found between gratefully taking and receiving all that we need, and then letting go of everything else. We must abundantly nourish our body, … Continue reading

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Yoga for Healthy Weight:

Examining our thoughts can help us create the best conditions for a healthy weight. Here are two areas to examine: First: I am not my body. If I said, “I need a new transmission, or I got a huge crack … Continue reading

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Metaphor of Feet

Yoga tradition teaches that we have a physical body that where we experience and sense the world. We also have an energy body, an emotional body and mental body. All these layers affect each other. Changing one, changes all in … Continue reading

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