During these last months of the year, the morning class will explore and play with scorpion pose. It takes strength and flexibility so we will build up to it over time. Even then, since scorpion is an advanced arm balance, we will enjoy the journey of developing the strength, even if no one in the class accomplishes the arm balance. There are many modifications to be tried and we hope to have fun with whatever scorpion pose is accomplished. scorpionpose

One of the constellations up in the sky is called Scorpius. It can’t be seen right now because the sun is moving in that constellation at the moment and that’s why in popular culture those born at this time of year – late fall, are born in the sun sign Scorpio.

According to Greek mythology, Orion the great hunter boasted he could kill all the wild beasts of the earth. This claim and threat displeased Gaia, the earth goddess and she sent Scorpius to sting and kill Orion. Orion was punished for his arrogant attitude.


These constellations in the sky representing Orion and the scorpion are set on opposite sides of the celestial canvas because they are enemies now and you will never see them in the sky at the same time. December is a great time to see the Orion with the 3 bright stars in his belt. July is when we see the constellation Scorpion.
A bright red star – Antares, is at the heart of the scorpion constellation. So when we do our scorpion pose and the preparations for it, we shine out thru the red heart center.

An intention to begin the practice with this story is to build strength and flexibility, not for ego’s sake with arrogance and insolence but build strength to support life, beauty and goodness in the world.

Postures to practice every day include elbow plank, down dog, cobra, camel, and dynamic postures that help with a strong core.

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