Welcome to Rexburg Yoga

Safe, moderate, yet energizing yoga for all.
You’ll find basic hatha yoga postures and often in a flow sequence.
Consideration of healthy joints for functional movement is top priority.

Rexburg yoga has been bringing a consistent yoga practice to this area for 16 years.

Beginners welcome at any time.

At Rexburg yoga we want students to feel good in their bodies.
It takes time, attention and continued practice. Join us.

Complete class information.

This info has been checked and updated as of Sep 2015

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Tips for new class members

Tips and suggestions we have for new members: Etiquette and traditions of a group yoga class.

1. If you eat before coming, let it be an hour or so before class starts. We do so much stretching and bending that it can cause nausea if there is food trying to digest in the body.

2. Turn off cell phones and leave them in the coat/shoe room. If it is an emergency, have your cell phone by you on vibrate. Cell phones going off during relaxation pose is a big distraction.

3. Do not wear perfume or hair spray or heavily scented lotion. Some class members are sensitive to these smells and it makes practice uncomfortable for them. Putting lotion on your hands can also make your hands slip during postures like down dog.

4. Be on time. We recognize that there are reasons why some may not be able to arrive and get set up before class starts at 9 am, but if you are just late for no reason consistently, we ask you to evaluate that habit and change it. Late comers always disrupt the smooth flow of the class.

5. We have props to use at the studio and every summer all the mats get washed and dried outside, but if you become a regular student you may feel more comfortable with your own mat and props. Let us know if you need help in finding resources to purchase. You may store your things at the studio or take them home. We rarely have any problem with equipment being bothered by the others who share and use the building. If you do store your things at the studio, we will all just get familiar with who’s is who’s so new class members use the studio’s equipment.

6. Bodily functions: Digestion happens and everyone who has practiced yoga experiences from time to time gas and wind. It probably bothers and embarrasses new students much more than seasoned practitioners, so just keep practicing and know you are part of the “my body works” club. Sometimes the irresistible urge to cough comes upon a student during relaxation pose. Just sit up and if things don’t calm down in the throat, quietly step out of the room.

Linked here is a nice article from Yoga Journal that addresses these same yoga basics.

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Full Moon Meditation

If you will be coming to the Full Moon Partner Yoga Practice, this is the link to an audio version of the ending meditation. We will be outside at the Nature Park at the area where the climbing toys are located . The weather is always an unknown factor, but hopefully we will see the moon at the end of the practice.

Jul 1st, Wed.  2015  Starting at 8:15 pm

Bring your own partner or find one on that evening.  $10 for the class.  $5 for your partner.
15_87_55---Moon_web From Free Foto.com
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Short term goal for yoga: graceful in the moment

Three separate comments were made to me today after yoga practice that illustrates the benefits of yoga practice. We might hear from others who practice yoga how they healed from an injury or gained more flexibility, and while these are healthy goals to have, we recommend letting go of any long term expectation from a yoga practice and just enjoy what you learn and experience today. Continue reading

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TED talk

This TED talk was referenced in our morning yoga practice this morning. So, here’s the link for those who wanted.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Group

MBSR Group Flyer – 23Mar15

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2015 February yoga classes will be on the theme of Balance. We will learn and practice Alternate Nose breathing, the principle of cross-over in the body, right and left brain, balancing postures.

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See-Saw Breath

During the month of January in the morning class we will learn and practice the see-saw breath. Something to understand about the natural breath in the body is to recognize that the torso has two cavities involved in breathing: the abdomen and chest. Continue reading

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Create Space in 2015

The General theme for this year of 2015 is Create Space. This is a beautiful metaphor of how we breathe. We create the space in our body, and the Universe fills that space with air.

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Quotes from Class

“It’s not what we eat but what we digest that makes us strong; not what we gain but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read but what we remember that makes us learned; and not what we profess but what we practice that gives us integrity.”

Francis Bacon

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Global Legacy of Yoga

A student shared this NPR story after class today, and here is the link for those interested.

The Global Legacy of Yoga
The legacy of Indian yoga master, B.K.S Iyengar, and his influence on yoga in the Western world.

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Warrior 2 and Side Angle Practice

Several class members wanted the playlist and a copy of this flow, so here it is. Each song has a few postures to play with until the song is over. Each person flows at her own speed and stays with each posture as desired.
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