Welcome to Rexburg Yoga

Modern Hatha Yoga
Natural Movement Yoga
Flow yoga
Joint-friendly yoga
All of these are a good description of what you will experience when you join the Rexburg Yoga ongoing Tues and Thur morning classes.
566 S 5th W Rexburg, ID

–Education of our students is a priority–

–Beginners welcome at any time–

–We want students to feel good – body, mind and emotions–

–Bringing a consistent yoga practice to this area since 1999–


Etiquette tips and complete class information.

General Disclosure and Release form

This info has been checked and updated as of May 2017

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Lymphatic system

Our practice on Tues July 11, was one that focused on lymphatic drainage. We learned a self-massage technique in the neck area and then did plenty of long-held inverted postures. Since we don’t have a video of Shelly teaching this method, here is a similar video so we can practice this massage as often as we like.

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Come as you are

A few weeks ago I watched the broadcast of the 2nd annual Accessible Yoga Conference.
One of the presenters was Dianne Bondy
She’s very passionate about bringing yoga to communities that don’t fit the common yoga population.

This quote comes from her. sunsetquote

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Quote from Class

A quote by Sally Kempton, shared in class in February.

By improving your ability to fully receive, you will come to notice how many gifts are being offered to you at every moment. The wind in the trees, a stranger’s smile, the wagging tail of a dog will feel like personal offerings of affection, gifts of beauty and wisdom. Whatever you give back becomes part of that same dance–the dance of giving and receiving, in which we’re all each other’s partners.

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2017 at Rexburg Yoga

We will take the theme for our classes this year from this quote by Joel Kramer:

Yoga is a living process. The heart of Yoga does not lie in visible
attainments; it lies in learning about how universal patterns express themselves through individuals.

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Dotti, a horse, and a video camera

One of our long-time friends and yoga students participated in a television commercial for Blue Cross Blue Shield. The great shots don’t give the true picture of the many hours riding back and forth by the river on a horse that she was unfamiliar with until that morning. She makes it looks effortless and easy. Thanks for sharing with us Dotti.

We might be able to get the whole video, but until then here are some screen shots of Dotti with the horse.
Dotti and Horse P1

Dotti and Horse P2

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Chanting Practice


For those gathering for chanting practice, here’s the “homework” to prepare for the first few meetings. First is an essay I prepared recently: Continue reading

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Breakfast Cookie recipe

We had a quick surprise graduation party for Shelly who graduated from Massage Therapy school this week. Breakfast cookies were on the menu, so here’s the recipe. And congratulations to Shelly for her accomplishment. cookies1 Continue reading

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Myth-busting: Yoga and weight loss

We have all seen advertisements or online photos of very thin, and very flexible women in beautiful and challenging yoga postures. This is a constant message to the subconscious mind that yoga will make one look like this model or if weight loss is on the mind, then the message would be that yoga can help weight loss.
skinny Continue reading

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Myth busting: Yoga is Exercise

Yoga is exercise. This myth and question is not so simple to answer. Its both Yes, and No.

mikematt Continue reading

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OM music recomendation

I played a track with a beautiful vocal OM in class today and several wanted to know what it was. The particular track is called OM.

Here’s the artist’s site, Lex Van Someren and then a few youtube clips:

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